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About us About us

Homeowner, imagine a day free of all your time-consuming ancillary tasks. You'll be able to focus on other things by letting a team of professionals take care of the management of your residence or property. That's the mission of Provence Alpilles Conciergerie, a dynamic, family-run company located in Provence and more specifically in the Alpilles region. 

Relieve your daily stress with Provence Alpilles Conciergerie

Created in 2022, Provence Alpilles Conciergerie is to offer a quality concierge service to make life easier for homeowners. For Provence Alpilles Conciergerie, a free spirit is the key to success. Everyone needs to feel free from the constraints of home life, and to do so with complete confidence. 

The Provence Alpilles Conciergerie team takes care of the small tasks that can be time-consuming for homeowners, and eases the daily burden for many villa owners in Provence and the Alpilles region. After several years in the hotel and concierge business, the director of this young concierge company decided to set up on her own to better serve her customers by offering quality services.

With its committed and dynamic team, the professional offers quality services for numerous Provencal properties in the Alpilles. Provence Alpilles Conciergerie offers a wide range of services to take care of your entire property. 

Enhance your quality of life with this professional concierge service

Because quality of life is at the heart of the concerns of 90% of French people, this concierge company is committed to providing exceptional exceptional, made-to-measure service. Taking care of its customers' needs by meeting the expectations of property owners. Since 2022, Provence Alpilles Conciergerie has been implementing various solutions to better satisfy property owners looking for concierge services in the Alpilles region.

If you don't live in the area, we can provide you with a specialized team to manage your property. Reactive and dynamic, the Provence Alpilles Conciergerie team will take care of every aspect of your property to keep it in good condition throughout your stay. If it's a seasonal rental, they'll take care of preparing the villa down to the smallest detail, welcoming your guests and providing assistance during their vacation. 

Its time-saving services give customers the freedom to focus on other essential tasks with a completely free mind. Avoid the hassle by entrusting your time-consuming activities to this concierge company in Provence and the Alpilles, who will be delighted to work with you.

About us

Quality services for customers

With a rigorous and dynamic professional team, Provence Alpilles Conciergerie goes to great lengths to guarantee customer satisfaction. They provide a high-quality cleaning service to keep your property clean at all times, and adapt to the needs of each and every customer.
Rigor and responsiveness are their hallmarks. 

With ecology at the heart of our approach, we use environmentally-friendly cleaning products to ensure the good health of the home's inhabitants. Whether for property management or seasonal rentals, we make it a point of honor to satisfy our customers, whatever their expectations.

 Provence Alpilles Conciergerie offers à la carte à la carte services with adapted rates. Don't hesitate to contact them for a personalized quote tailored to your needs.